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Name : Absolute (ABS) | Website : http://www.absolutecoin.net

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[ANN] [ABS] Absolute Coin | First Proof of View currency backed by Masternodes

Absolute is a community takeover coin started in April 2018. There’s a huge following already due to this with over 1200 2.5K Nodes running and over 2000 active members in discord together with a growing volume on multiple exchanges.

Proof of View. Backed by Masternodes
An ultra fast and low cost blockchain for verifying advertising through PoV (Proof of View).

Absolute – Proof of Advertisement Views
Our unique Masternode-backed Smartcontracts affords trust in programmatic advertising.
Efficiency. Before programmatic ad buying, digital ads were bought and sold by human ad buyers and salespeople, who can be expensive and unreliable. Programmatic advertising technology promises to make the ad buying system more efficient, and therefore cheaper, by removing humans from the process wherever possible. Our Smartcontracts for the first time ever decentralize this system to allow advertisers full trust in the way they spend their budgets.
01. Publish
Publishers post their ad for Programmatic auction.
02. Impression Search
Our Smartcontract matches the ad with the correct content medium fit.
03. Verified Ad Delivery
Through an Absolute PoV Smartcontract the Advertiser ensures an actual human sees their content.

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