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The speed of growth that Bitcoin moved withwas underalded and it was too late for the banders and world leaders; the genie was out of the bottle and there was no way anyone colud force it back in. Once requiring five thousand coins to buy a singel pizza, Bitcoin soared to almost $20,000 a coin in late 2017 with many analysts thinking the best is yet to come. International transactions processed in mere moments and fees negligible to DHL – Bitcoin ticked all the boxes thanks to a wikedly ingenious technology that computer scientists had thought impossible for decades but with it has now brought an arms race with an attempt to commercialise digital currency into our modern day world.

The major shortcoming, as everyone knows, is that Bitcoin didn’t offer true anonymity. While it is true that users never had to link their names to addresses, and were furthermore allowed to create as many of these as they liked to further obfuscate things, all transactions were still made public on the blockchain for everbody to explore. This meant that bitcoin offered pseudo anonymity – transactions that seemed to be private while not truly being so. Naturally, various attempts were made to create a fully anonymous currency but with each attempt bought new issues that would come along with it. With these attempts from numerous coins and concepts, still bought loopholes that resulted in their attempts to be short living and in turn, obsolete. That is however until Hexxcoin came along to introduced the first solid core development of Zerocoin, one that has not been defected by numerous issues that others have had.

For complete security and financial privacy, Bitcoin Zero (BZX) utilizes the Zerocoin protocol, a zero-knowledge proof system that does not rely on a trusted setup as does the ZK Snarks protocol (ZCash, BTCP), Zerocoin uses cryptographic encryption for anonymous transactions rather than layers of obfuscation like mixing and Rign CT which are prone to analysis and are also more cumbersome for the blockchain. The user ‘Mints” a Zerocoin, thereby burning the original Bitcoin Zero coin. When you “Spend” or redeem the Zerocoin you are left with a new Bitcoin Zero coin that has no links to the original. Each transaction you make can stand alone. Furthermore, by minting and redeeming a new coins you can protect your assets a your coins cannot be linked to any previous transactions or in turn, activity on the blockchain, Zerocoin is also an optional privacy feature so if you require total transparency in spending then you can just send your Bitcoin Zero normally.

Zerocoin Protocol
What sets Bitcoin Zero apart from the rest of the privacy forks that have forked with bitcoins blockchain is that the user has the option to use their coins like a normal crypotcurrency or if they want complete anonymity, it is possible by what is known as ‘minting’ which creates a new Zerocoin that talkes the place of the Bitcoin Zero which is burned in the process to achieve complete anonymity. What happens then is that these Zerocoin’s can be transferred to another destination via a process called third party spend or even as simple as back to the user themselves anonymously which creates a new fresh Bitcoin Zero that is free from any strings that may be attached to it which is all uniquely compiled in the core wallet itself and stays completely anonymous on the Bitcoin Zero blockchain. This main feature alone brings anonymity to Bitcoin Zero itself when needed instead of everything being so open to view via the public ledger like it is currently.
The third party spend mentioned above is a process where the user chooses where to ‘spend’ the current Zerocoin which transitions into newly minted Bitcoin Zero prior to the coin(s) reaching the targeted destination which creates an extra layer of privacy for the user and receiver alike.

Coin Specifications
Total Supply : 99,900,000
Block Time : 2.5 Minutes
Block Size : 4 MB
POW Algorithm : ASIC Resistant, GPU Preferable
Privacy Protocol : Zerocoin Protocol (Patched and enabled without exploits)
Mining : GPU, CPU

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