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November 28, 2018
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Name : BlueMN (BMN) | Website : | Platfrom :

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Exchanges : MCT+ | CryptoBridge

•  BlueMN Masternode Setup Guide

This guide is to show you how to setup BlueMN masternode on platform.

Just to be sure you understand what needs to be done first:
1. Account on
2. Have a local wallet that is fully synced.
3. Have the correct amount of coins you need + some spare coins for TX fees.

This guide assumes that your wallet is fully synced also have Masternode Collateral Amount.


•  Collateral Sending from BlueMN Wallet

Open your wallet and go to:
Settings -> Options -> Wallet -> check: Show Masternode Tab
Also, check Activate Coincontrol Features.
You will need to restart the wallet.

I. Have a local wallet that is fully synced.

II. Click on Tools, then Debug console

III. You will find the command line at the bottom of the console

Enter the following command and press Enter. This will generate your new Masternode's receiving address

getaccountaddress mn1

The generated address will now be labeled as MN1. Please copy/paste this string to the notepad file on your Desktop (label section). This address will be the one that you will send your 1,000 BMN to, and the one where all future payments will go.

If you want to setup more masternodes just repeat the steps so you end up with several addresses for the total number of nodes you wish to setup. Example: For 10 nodes you will need 10 addresses, label them all.

IV. Send 1,000 BMN as Collateral to your "mn1" address

From wherever you currently hold your 1,000 BMN (exchange, another BlueMN wallet, even a different address in the same wallet), please send your BMN to your new "mn1" Masternode receiving address in your wallet.

IMPORTANT: You must send EXACTLY 1,000 BMN to your "mn1" address, no more, no less, to be eligible to run a Masternode!

Once you have initiated the transaction, you must wait for 6 confirmations so your address is eligible to be associated with your new Masternode.

V. Get the info for your Masternode

Go to MENU : Tools / Debug console
In the debug console type :

masternode outputs

It will display your Transaction ID (TX_ID) and Transaction Index
(TX_Index). The outputs will look something like this:
#Respond: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" : "0",
# Your TXID Should be : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
# Your TXIndex Should be like : 0
Copy the outputs into your temporary notepad file to use on BMN Platform (TX_ID and TX_Index).


•  Setup your Masternode on BlueMN Platform

Click here to Login into your BlueMN Account -> MY HOSTING then Click on NEW+

Enter your Masternode Transaction Details copied in Previous Step (masternode outputs)

Copy the New Generated Masternode Configuration Line to your Notepad

Setup Masternode Configuration file on BlueMN Wallet

Go to MENU : Tools / Open Masternode Configuration File
You will see an example of the Masternode configuration line. Leave it there.
On a new line, copy/paste the configuration line from BlueMN Platform

MNx Your_VPS_IP_Address:15003 Masternode_Priv_Key TX_ID TX_Index

Save & Close Masternode Configuration File.

TIP : To run more than one Masternode, add a new line for each one like this.

MN1 Your_VPS_IP_Address:15003 Masternode_Priv_Key TX_ID TX_Index
MN2 Your_VPS_IP_Address:15003 Masternode_Priv_Key TX_ID TX_Index

Save and Close Masternode Configuration File. Restart your BlueMN Wallet.
Wait before you do anything else with the wallet. It will need to resynchronize with the network.

Start your Masternode in your BlueMN Wallet

MENU : Masternodes
CLICK : ‘Start Missing’ -OR- Select new Masternode and click ‘Start Alias’
You should see : “MNx successfully started.”
TIP : Do not restart any masternodes you already have running or you will reset the rewards and end up waiting a long time to get paid again.

Congratulations, Your Masternode is now running successfully.


If you get stuck, have questions or you just want to meet some other cool BlueMN Community, check out the Discord

A donation will be appreciated. BMN Address : BBM8kUhsmmwbtiZ5kjNNqjiWhs8He4jU1a